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Fruit nursery garden ARGUS

  Serbian fruit nursery garden Argus, once the fruity nursery garden Savic, is leader in the nursery production and has always had the best price. Founded in 1977. year, and for 33 years successfully engaged in the production of planting materials of superior quality. On these pages you will find all about orcharding, new varieties, grafting and grafted grapevine and fruit seeds.
  Through our presentation you can order fruit seeds and grapevine coil, get information about the nursery, fruit and grafting secrets.
Our desire is to earn your trust expert advice, precision in plant breeding, quality and healthy seedlings.
  To remind you: No sound and no good quality seedling orchards.
If you really want a good orchard, count on our experience.

   Dear fans of fruit, in order to avoid errors in the procurement of seedlings and grafted fruit trees benefit from this information can be great, otherwise you may be disappointed by purchasing seedlings that will later show some undesirable features that you did not know. Left in the menu are presented following features seedlings:
   -Name of the variety and country of origin
   -Fruit characteristics
   -Tree properties
   -Sensitivity or resistance 
   -Other features

   On our website are in a comprehensive way, showing indeed a lot of varieties, stone fruits and nuts that are grown here. Included are some varieties that are not grown here. On the site we regularly add new varieties.
Of course it is impossible to cover every single variety. It is noteworthy that the special symbol "BZH" (Biological health products) highlighted those varieties of fruits, which require minimal or no pesticide use.